Take Advantage of Part-time Employment

Take Advantage of Part-time Employment – Part One

Extra income from part-time employment can be a great help during trying times. This is the reason why more workers are taking part-time jobs.


However, part-time employment has other benefits aside from the extra income. Part-time jobs may require you to take up additional career training or other short-term online undergraduate programs. Additional education and work experience will boost your employment value and provide you more career opportunities, particularly if you are serious in making a career change.


If taking part-time employment is necessary to get by, your decision can be more than just a “filler” to pay the bills. Part-time employment could be your path to a better career. Here are some of the more popular part-time jobs currently available:


  1. Veterinary Technician – These professionals support veterinarians by assisting in clinic or hospital work. An associate’s or bachelor’s degree is needed to qualify in this field. The estimated median hourly veterinary technician salary is $14.35.
  2. Computer Support Specialist – Most business organizations now rely heavily on computer networks to be able to operate efficiently. This is why there is a considerable demand for computer support specialists. Earning an associate’s degree in a tech school is recommended to qualify for this line of work. This part-time job can help you have up-to-date IT skills, and that can dramatically expand your career options. The estimated median hourly computer support specialist salary is $22.29.


Take Advantage of Part-time Employment – Part Two


Part-time employment is not only for earning extra income, it is also about expanding career opportunities. Here are some common part-time employment opportunities:


  1. Product Promoter – These professionals must have strong people skills and extensive product knowledge for promoting selected merchandise in salesrooms, malls, technology trade shows and the like. Taking online undergraduate programs in business, marketing and sales, and even fashion design is recommended to help you build your product knowledge. The estimated median hourly product promoter’s salary is $13.05.
  2. Dental Assistants – These workers are responsible for taking x-rays, preparing patients or handling other desk duties to assist dentists with their work. A certificate program is enough to qualify as a dental assistant. This job is a good starting point for pursuing dental hygienists’ training for even better pay. The median hourly dental assistant’s salary is $15.95.
  3. Bill or Account Collector – Companies need people in their collection teams, now more than ever. The demand for bill or account collectors is not limited to the financial sector, but includes doctor’s offices and hospitals as well. Online undergraduate degrees in accounting, bookkeeping or business will be needed to qualify for part-time positions in this field. The median hourly account collector’s salary is $15.47.
  4. Massage Therapist – Most massage therapists are self-employed, building their own clientele and setting their own work schedules. However, massage therapists also have the option to work in clinics with other alternative health professionals like chiropractors and acupuncturists. Career training and licensing requirements may vary from state to state. The estimated median hourly massage therapist’s salary is $19.16.