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Dealing With Difficult Essay Topic

I want to walk you through the beginning process they write an exegetical paper as you know this class will culminate in a couple of weeks with you writing perhaps your very first ever exegetical paper so want to give you kind of the standard of what that looks like and we have uploaded two documents to our popular class folder that will help you to walk through that one is called a short guide to an exegetical to write an exegetical papers that was actually originally created by the authors of your textbook the vol and haze and then i’ve modified it to be exactly what we want here. You can always find help with your essay at Edusson.

Then we also have a paper that was written an exegetical paper it kind of as a guide perhaps that will help you to see the format and these two kind of parallel each other hopefully for the most part you’ll see that in the work that we’re going to do so let’s get started and walk through these papers if you have opened up the short guide to write next difficult papers it will look somewhat like this and so what I want to do today is just kind of walk through a few aspects of it I trust that you will read it in time the very first thing that your exegetical paper will include is of course the title page it should be a turabian eight title page you are familiar with that hopefully if not please pick up a copy of turabian eight the Chicago Manual style 16 but it’s a shortened form if you will for us is what’s called turabian eight notice that the title of your paper whatever that will be will be on the first line and then an exegesis of Ephesians but for us it’ll be – one through ten and then of course at the bottom in non bold text will be your name the course in the date that’s my birthday October 24th so you can always remember that.

As you’d look back at this assignment anyway on page two which will take up approximately one page you’ll see that you should have a the main idea an outline and if you’ll notice here there’s some instructions about what that should look that should include but here on the next page is kind of a preview of what that would look like for you you would put the text here the Ephesians for you to 1 through 10 and then at a single statement you would summarize the main idea of that passage right here at the very top of the page and then you’re gonna outline the passage as you are beginning to learn right now and the portion of the course of jury in as we dealt with the Ephesians book and we looked at the big outline last week and now you’re looking somewhat at the surrounding context that’s going to help you get to that.

Organizing The Analysis Section

People are just ruled by human nature they need policies and procedures to be controlled right and in this case over here let’s say you’ve got the policy and procedure companies there’s a couple of ethics crises but people make the right choices because I don’t know maybe there’s enforcement means or something like that right and that lends arguments let’s support anyway for policies and procedures you see what I’m saying so you want to actually say that that the way that I’m going to look at these cases is that if I see examples of you know failures in the non policy procedure and successes in the policy and procedure areas then I will know that this is this will end supports my thesis so you see what I’m saying you’re being very explicit about not just assuming that the stories tell the story that you want to but actually showing exactly how that story proves the thing that you say you want to prove okay as explicitly as you can.

so anyway so this analysis section right here organizing the section based on the reasons why the readers should believe your argument you’re using examples from the cases in data to support the reasons why your argument is valid right in this particular case there were was a violation and it was individual ethics and this is how it happened and you include some details and so this clearly is how it links back right so this is one reason at any may you may have several reasons and so your analysis section is a series of that how does your evidence outweigh the most valid arguments on the opposing side right linked back to your live review section where you’re looking at the other arguments the other potential answer it’s just like why why do I win hey this is bad neither that’s really about winning and losing right but you know you just like why is this valid why is this true versus what some of the other alternatives are if not where does that leave your argument there’s still something that you can learn from from your thesis or your approach.

If you don’t just sort of really slam-dunk this I will also say that yeah you want to say what can you prove with your evidence and what can you prove it’s okay say I don’t know more precisely they don’t know there isn’t enough evidence is about what argument like there was a in one of the last orientation classes I taught somebody was writing about leadership and their their original argument was that leadership was not it’s not something that you inherited but something that could be learned and she did a lot of research and basically said look I can’t make heads or tails of this because you know it’s basically so much evidence on both sides that nobody can seem to agree on either and so her argument basically became that you know both sides are wrong and that’s okay.

How to Write a College Essay

Today we are going over how to write a college essay. An outline is a really helpful way to organize your thoughts throughout the whole writing process from the beginning when you are just brain storming to the very end when you are editing.

Let’s take a look at an example of an outline. Here is a sample outline. It’s not completely filled up but it’s just basically the idea of how you might organize your thoughts for your paper. First start with an introduction, the sample is about the growing market for wines in Ohio so you would have a brief comment leading into the subject matter. Then about the thesis of Ohio wines whatever that thesis is whether it’s Ohio is the best place for wines or a growing community. Then we would go to the body and you would organize this part based on the main points you want to make. So these headers of the roman numerals would each be one of your main points. For instance, you might want to start off with the history of Ohio wines. Then you would have your supporting points wineries have been here for many years, recent history in growth and then under that supporting point.

It’s great to include as many details as you can with all these separate lines so that when you go to writing you would know where to go. Then continue through all your main points and then at the bottom you would have your conclusion where you kind of wrap it all up. Restate your point, restate your thesis and have a concluding statement to tie  up all together.

Gilt by Katherine Longshore

Book Review: Gilt by Katherine Longshore

Publisher: Viking Juvenile

Release date: May 15, 2012

Pages: 398

Summary: Before Catherine Howard became the queen of England, she was a chambermaid with big dreams. Her best friend, Kitty, did everything in her power to make sure those dreams come true. So when King Henry chooses Cat to be his next wife, Kitty is summoned to serve her best friend at court. But serving the queen comes with a price—Kitty must bear many secrets, for court life is full of deception and lies.

My thoughts: Wow! Gilt completely blew me away. I was expecting a bit of a dense read (historical novels often feature writing that is a bit slower-going), but Katherine Longshore managed to make this account of Catherine Howard’s reign a quick read. Longshore’s writing is reflective of the time period, but it’s simple and easy to read. Those daunted by a large page count have nothing to worry about, especially considering how addicting the story is. It’s nearly impossible to put Gilt down once you’ve started; it’s as if you’ve been sucked into the Tudor court yourself, and, like all the courtiers, you must know what will ultimately happen to the queen.

Gilt is narrated by Kitty, but the story focuses more on Catherine. This is because Cat has what we call a “big personality”: she steals the spotlight from everyone she comes near. Kitty remains a shadow for most of the novel, but that’s okay, because having two boisterous characters in one book might be a bit too much. Kitty’s loyalty is her best quality, and her discreteness comes in second. I admired her dedication to the incredibly selfish Catherine; were I in her place, I would have found a new best friend. Katherine Longshore does a fantastic job of crafting a character (a main character, at that) who we love to hate. I could not stand Catherine, but I found her unyielding belief in her own supremacy fascinating. This girl needs a serious reality check, but it’s kind of fun to watch a character because of her own demise (is that weird?). I suppose the point I’m trying to make is that the two main characters in Gilt are such dynamic and believable people—I admire Katherine Longshore’s ability to elicit emotions through them!

If you’re a fan of historical fiction, give Gilt a try! It will feed your need for scandal! (Seriously. I got a little giddy over how much under-the-table stuff was going on in the King’s court! Wowza!) Gilt isn’t just about drama, though: it’s about choices—good or bad—and how they lock you into certain situations. It’s about the inevitability of fun coming to an end. Though Catherine’s are coming true, her visible happiness may only be surface-deep. The simultaneous complexity and pure fun of Gilt is fantastic. Highly recommended!

5/5 stars

For those who like: historical fiction, court drama, overconfident heroines.

Hipster Central: The Changing Face of Neukölln in Berlin

How does it look like?

Rents are rising, but Berlin is still very cheap by European standards, and so a huge number of young people from other parts of Germany are relocating there, as well as a lot of foreigners, and as they arrive, the city changes.

This is most obvious in the district of Neukölln, which is popular with Turkish migrants and is now the center of the slightly grungy hipster population of Berlin. There are a huge number of migrants in this part of the city, and more than 40% of the population is of a non-German origin.

Since the Berlin Wall came down, gentrification has washed over the German capital like a wave. Previously working class neighborhoods have been embraced by families and young professionals, permanently changing the face of large parts of the city, sometimes for the better, and sometimes… well, not.

Neukölln was directly on the flight path for Tempelhof Airport (site of the Berlin Airlift), and the jets would practically scrape the rooftops as they landed. The airport closed in 2008 and was converted into a park, and so many parts of Neukölln suddenly found themselves living next to one of the largest inner-city parks in the world… which of course contributes to rent going skywards, as the jets no longer do.

Neukölln has become a magnet for the young people who wear skinny jeans, old man style glasses and call themselves artists. Yes… hipsters.

The influx of people with a relatively high disposable income has done wonders for the nightlife, with a number of bars and entertainment venues springing up, seemingly catered to that hipster Berlin feeling, with cheap drinks and eclectic furnishings. There are a number of these places around Emserstraße and in the streets surrounding Schillerpromenade.

One of the most famous bars in the area is Villa Neukölln (Hermannstraße 233), which was built on the site of a luxurious old villa, which was demolished and turned into a Turkish carpet store (naturally), before opening as a bar. This is the definition of Neukölln hipster; with old couches, rugs and a laid back vibe. They’ve recently constructed a stage and host many bands and live performances.

Another venue that seems to be rather attractive to the skinny jean clad Neuköllners is the Agora Collective (Located at 50 Mittelweg). Agora is an arts co-op space, which features a restaurant/bar, gallery, film screenings and a co-working space where the young artists/writers/designers can rent a desk, thus giving them some semblance of an office. Agora squarely targets the English speakers of Berlin, and their website is entirely in English.

While some of the long-established locals might grumble at the way their neighborhood is changing, bar owners will no doubt be pleased at having a group of people that keeps their establishments busy 7 nights a week. And those who run one of the many 24-hour kebab shops in Neukölln are delighted at having a steady stream of clientele who need a salty snack as they stumble home at 4am.



Take Advantage of Part-time Employment

Take Advantage of Part-time Employment – Part One

Extra income from part-time employment can be a great help during trying times. This is the reason why more workers are taking part-time jobs.


However, part-time employment has other benefits aside from the extra income. Part-time jobs may require you to take up additional career training or other short-term online undergraduate programs. Additional education and work experience will boost your employment value and provide you more career opportunities, particularly if you are serious in making a career change.


If taking part-time employment is necessary to get by, your decision can be more than just a “filler” to pay the bills. Part-time employment could be your path to a better career. Here are some of the more popular part-time jobs currently available:


  1. Veterinary Technician – These professionals support veterinarians by assisting in clinic or hospital work. An associate’s or bachelor’s degree is needed to qualify in this field. The estimated median hourly veterinary technician salary is $14.35.
  2. Computer Support Specialist – Most business organizations now rely heavily on computer networks to be able to operate efficiently. This is why there is a considerable demand for computer support specialists. Earning an associate’s degree in a tech school is recommended to qualify for this line of work. This part-time job can help you have up-to-date IT skills, and that can dramatically expand your career options. The estimated median hourly computer support specialist salary is $22.29.


Take Advantage of Part-time Employment – Part Two


Part-time employment is not only for earning extra income, it is also about expanding career opportunities. Here are some common part-time employment opportunities:


  1. Product Promoter – These professionals must have strong people skills and extensive product knowledge for promoting selected merchandise in salesrooms, malls, technology trade shows and the like. Taking online undergraduate programs in business, marketing and sales, and even fashion design is recommended to help you build your product knowledge. The estimated median hourly product promoter’s salary is $13.05.
  2. Dental Assistants – These workers are responsible for taking x-rays, preparing patients or handling other desk duties to assist dentists with their work. A certificate program is enough to qualify as a dental assistant. This job is a good starting point for pursuing dental hygienists’ training for even better pay. The median hourly dental assistant’s salary is $15.95.
  3. Bill or Account Collector – Companies need people in their collection teams, now more than ever. The demand for bill or account collectors is not limited to the financial sector, but includes doctor’s offices and hospitals as well. Online undergraduate degrees in accounting, bookkeeping or business will be needed to qualify for part-time positions in this field. The median hourly account collector’s salary is $15.47.
  4. Massage Therapist – Most massage therapists are self-employed, building their own clientele and setting their own work schedules. However, massage therapists also have the option to work in clinics with other alternative health professionals like chiropractors and acupuncturists. Career training and licensing requirements may vary from state to state. The estimated median hourly massage therapist’s salary is $19.16.

Planning A Beach Vacation

A budget Saint Tropez travel normally requires a lot of planning. There are a number of things that have to be taken into consideration while planning a vacation, especially if it is a beach vacation. The first most important decision to be made is, choosing the destination. In case of beach vacations, there are many beaches to choose from. It is essential to consider accommodation, food, attractions and the cost while choosing a particular beach vacation.
Beach vacations are ideal if the entire family is traveling together. Each of the beach destinations offers various activities for all ages. Travelers must opt for the all-inclusive resorts when planning a beach vacation. Budget Saint Tropez travel resorts include everything from water sports, children’s programs to meals and drinks, along with many other activities.
Certain all-inclusive resorts also provide the opportunity to try a hand at new sports. They offer lessons in sailing, snorkeling, scuba diving and trapeze, at no extra charge. Children have a whale of a time on a beach vacation. The younger ones have enough space to play around and indulge in their favorite pastime, sand castle building. Older children can indulge in the thrill of parasailing. They can tour the waters by renting jet skis or kayaks. Budget Saint Tropez travel destinations offer a variety of salons and spas that specialize in massages and other unique health treatments. Adults can indulge in golf and other specially arranged adult activities.

Budget Saint Tropez travel family cruises should also be considered when planning a beach vacation with the family. Cruises travel to exotic beach destinations and provide many facilities for all family members. A beach vacation includes a perfect blend of natural beauty, daring waterslides, delightful shopping and exotic cuisine.
A beach vacation always requires a little bit of more planning. Weather and water are the two most important factors to consider while planning a budget Saint Tropez travel beach vacation. Necessary precautions should be taken, to deal with them, effectively. Beaches are synonymous with sun and sand. Sunbathing is one of the most popular activities. People love to relax for hours together in the sun. Sunburns are caused easily and can prove to be extremely harmful for the skin. Severe sunburn can also be the cause of various skin diseases. It is much better to be on the safer side and take precaution, to prevent any kind of damage to the skin. It is for this reason that people heading for beach vacations carry sunscreen lotions along with them. Today, beach vacations and sunscreen go hand in hand.
Most people prefer thrills and excitement in their budget Saint Tropez travel, with a lot of adventure. Some people like a quiet vacation, where most of their time is spent on simply relaxing. Beach destinations are always on top of the vacation lists as they provide both adventure and relaxation. Budget Saint Tropez travel vacations are a treat with exotic islands, daring water sports, mouth watering food delicacies and shopping. Even while taking a vacation, health should not be ignored.

Alabama Golf Vacations: The Best Courses

The rundown on the best golf courses in Alabama
If you like golfing, then Alabama features some of the most pristine and admirable golf courses. From the coastline in Gulf Shores to Mobile to Birmingham, there are lots of nice golf courses. But of course this isn’t about nice. This is about the cream of the crop, the top golf courses in Alabama are only an elite few. These golf vacations will be the best of the best as only Alabama can provide.

The Ross Bridge Golf Resort is located in Birmingham. This is a 72 par 8,191 yard golf course and it’s an 18 hole regulation golf course. The rolling green golf course is kept in immaculate condition. And was designed by Roger Rulewich. It was opened in 2005 and has become one of the premier golf vacation spots in Alabama. It features a luxury hotel area, community center to talk and chat about golf with other avid golfers, and a spa to get those muscles loosened after a long day of golf.

Craft Frams featuring Cotton Creek Golf Course is nestled among beautiful mountains and close to the ocean in Gulf Shores, Alabama. It’s got one of the most breathtaking views imaginable when playing golf. This is an 18 hole golf course designed by golf legend Arnold Palmer. It has immaculate grounds and plenty of amenities to make your golfing vacation amazing. Craft Farms features a choice between the Marriott Courtyard on the golf course and as well as Cypress Point Condominiums.

Nestled among large beautiful trees and some of the greenest grass ever seen on a golf course is the Alpine Bay resort featuring the amazing Alpine Bay Golf Course. This golf course features a 25 tees range and a regulation 18 hole golf course. While on your golfing trip, enjoy the beautiful Alpine Bay resort for your overnight stay with absolutely gorgeous hotel rooms featuring internet access, lush beds, and nice large bathtubs with shower. It also features a wonderful restaurant with quality food for your enjoyment. It is located in the Alpine area of Alabama and close to Childersburg. If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city being nearby, this golf vacation may be your best choice. There is nothing but beautiful scenery and luxury for miles and miles and it is one of the most popular golf courses in Alabama for all of these awesome reasons and the pleasure it brings its golfers..

These golf vacations are among the very best in Alabama and you are guaranteed to have a wonderful time at any of these places. For the true golf connoisseur, we looked at all aspects of what makes a golf course truly a winner. The greens being well maintained, 18 holes of golf to maximize your game, and a nice luxurious hotel for you to plop your shoes off right next door to the lovely green golf course that you will be spending hours and hours at for your fabulous Alabama Golf Vacation.

Alabama Mountain Region Travel

The rundown on Alabama Mountain Region travel
Alabama is a beautiful state known for beautiful rolling countryside, beaches and its Southern Charm. But many people do not know that there are many mountains in Alabama that are beautiful and awe-inspiring. There are public parks as well as mountain spas and hotels. You can go to camp grounds and sleep out in the wild in alabama and see mountain views and go hiking through acres upon acres of lovely mountain range and forest. If you’re looking for some luxury, you can stay in any number of hotels and spas located in the rustic mountains of Alabama.

Visit the Cherokee County, Alabama area and it’s located in Northeast Alabama to enjoy the Northeast Alabama terrain. There are many fun and enticing water activities to enjoy at Weiss Lake while you enjoy the mountain view all around you! There are also hiking trails at Cherokee Rock Village. Cherokee Rock village is stunning and there are several different hiking trails for those who like to mountain bike, hike, or try to trek to the top of the mountain and conquer the land! This is certainly among Alabama’s most spectacular mountain travel locations.

Next for the Northwestern section of Alabama, there is the activity-rich Lawrence County of Alabama. There is such variety for hiking enthusiasts that there are trails to numerous to even keep track of. You can visit any number of parks and forests to see the naked truth of the forest and enjoy every bit of the mountains in your view. There are parks such as the Oakville Indian Mountains, the Joe wheeler state park and Wheeler dam, and the William B. Bankhead national forest are all brilliant places to visit to enjoy the mountain view. There are also several spas in the area for you to enjoy if you want to slip into some luxury while you are out visiting the mountains.

There is absolutely a breaktaking view that any mountain and waterfall lover needs to see. Located in gadsden off of Alabama Hwy 211 and nestled among beautiful, luscious trees and a scenic river and as well as lovely mountains is this beautiful waterfall. It is called Noccalula Fall and it is an amazing 90 feet high and it’s a view you have to see to believe. It isn’t as famous as some of the world’s waterfalls but that just means there won’t be as many tourists when you go see one of Alabama’s treasures surrounded by lovely mountain views.

So although Alabama isn’t known at all for its mountains, it is clear that there are many areas to go and hike up beautiful mountains and enjoy the forest and wildlife while you are on your journey to the top. From the north of Alabama clear to the South, there are scenic mountain areas for people to enjoy. From rustic state parks to luxurious hotels right on the mountain, you can get your views in many possible ways. One things is for sure, all the views are smashing.

Alabama Travel

Alabama is a lovely state with a rich cultural history and many beautiful areas to visit. If you like Southern charm, Alabama is certainly one of the friendliest Southern states. From its gorgeous sandy beaches to the U.S. rocket space center in Huntsville to big and charming lakes full of catfish and bass to the brim for the sportsmen. Alabama is rich with green grass and plenty of open wide country farm land. It is a breath of fresh air when driving through states that have very little open fields to come to a green and beautiful state like Alabama. On our site, we will recap specific places to go while you are in Alabama. The best golf vacations, the best beach vacations, the most luxurious hotels to stay at and more.

One of the premier places to visit in Alabama is the Gulf Coast area of beaches. There are 32 miles of white pristine sandy beaches in the Gulf Shores area of Alabama. It has plenty of high-end hotels, striking golf courses, and of course some of cleanest white sand beaches in the South. It is an absolutely gorgeous place to visit if you enjoy swimming in the ocean or even just catching some breathtaking views. Do you like to look for shells? Bring the kids out to the beach for some sun, fun, and surf. In our site and articles, you will learn what beaches are the best to bring your family.

Another great place to visit whether you are young or old is the U.S. Rocket and Space Center in Huntsville, Alabama. There are a lot of culturally diverse areas in Huntsville and it’s beautiful. It is always awe inspiring to watch a rocket launch on TV, how about seeing one live and in living color? This is the world’s largest museum that is solely focused on space’s exciting past, present, and future. You can even catch the Imax and 3d theaters located there and the Davidson Center for Space Exploration is also there so you can see some various important pieces of our nation’s space history. Does your little tike dream of being an astronaut one day? They also have one of the nation’s premier space camps at the U.S. Rocket and Space Center. If your kid has always dreamed of going to space camp, the U.S. Rocket and Space Center in Huntsville, Alabama can make this dream come true and provide your child with a once in a lifetime opportunity. This is probably the best place to visit while you are in Alabama just because you’ll never forget.

As previously stated, Alabama has the Wildlife Foundation and Nature Center in Millbrook. This stunning wildlife Center contains over 350 acres. The Alabama Nature Center’s 350 acres consists of amazing forests, relatively untouched streams, wetlands, and awesome ponds traversed by 5 mi of trails. This is one of Alabama’s pride and joys and it’s a great place to go if you want to see truly awe-inspiring nature and if you like to hike right in the middle of it all. Thousands of people visit the Nature Center yearly and it’s one of the most popular tourist attractions in Alabama.

So if you want to indulge in traveling Alabama, you have so much to see! It’s also got great historical locations along the way including the capitol in Montgomery and the church where Martin Luther King began his civil rights movement. From the gulf coast and the rocket center and all the way to the Nature Center you will get to see Alabama’s great treasures. Read on to the rest of our site for the best destinations in Alabama for many activities.