Alabama Travel

Alabama is a lovely state with a rich cultural history and many beautiful areas to visit. If you like Southern charm, Alabama is certainly one of the friendliest Southern states. From its gorgeous sandy beaches to the U.S. rocket space center in Huntsville to big and charming lakes full of catfish and bass to the brim for the sportsmen. Alabama is rich with green grass and plenty of open wide country farm land. It is a breath of fresh air when driving through states that have very little open fields to come to a green and beautiful state like Alabama. On our site, we will recap specific places to go while you are in Alabama. The best golf vacations, the best beach vacations, the most luxurious hotels to stay at and more.

One of the premier places to visit in Alabama is the Gulf Coast area of beaches. There are 32 miles of white pristine sandy beaches in the Gulf Shores area of Alabama. It has plenty of high-end hotels, striking golf courses, and of course some of cleanest white sand beaches in the South. It is an absolutely gorgeous place to visit if you enjoy swimming in the ocean or even just catching some breathtaking views. Do you like to look for shells? Bring the kids out to the beach for some sun, fun, and surf. In our site and articles, you will learn what beaches are the best to bring your family.

Another great place to visit whether you are young or old is the U.S. Rocket and Space Center in Huntsville, Alabama. There are a lot of culturally diverse areas in Huntsville and it’s beautiful. It is always awe inspiring to watch a rocket launch on TV, how about seeing one live and in living color? This is the world’s largest museum that is solely focused on space’s exciting past, present, and future. You can even catch the Imax and 3d theaters located there and the Davidson Center for Space Exploration is also there so you can see some various important pieces of our nation’s space history. Does your little tike dream of being an astronaut one day? They also have one of the nation’s premier space camps at the U.S. Rocket and Space Center. If your kid has always dreamed of going to space camp, the U.S. Rocket and Space Center in Huntsville, Alabama can make this dream come true and provide your child with a once in a lifetime opportunity. This is probably the best place to visit while you are in Alabama just because you’ll never forget.

As previously stated, Alabama has the Wildlife Foundation and Nature Center in Millbrook. This stunning wildlife Center contains over 350 acres. The Alabama Nature Center’s 350 acres consists of amazing forests, relatively untouched streams, wetlands, and awesome ponds traversed by 5 mi of trails. This is one of Alabama’s pride and joys and it’s a great place to go if you want to see truly awe-inspiring nature and if you like to hike right in the middle of it all. Thousands of people visit the Nature Center yearly and it’s one of the most popular tourist attractions in Alabama.

So if you want to indulge in traveling Alabama, you have so much to see! It’s also got great historical locations along the way including the capitol in Montgomery and the church where Martin Luther King began his civil rights movement. From the gulf coast and the rocket center and all the way to the Nature Center you will get to see Alabama’s great treasures. Read on to the rest of our site for the best destinations in Alabama for many activities.