Alabama Mountain Region Travel

The rundown on Alabama Mountain Region travel
Alabama is a beautiful state known for beautiful rolling countryside, beaches and its Southern Charm. But many people do not know that there are many mountains in Alabama that are beautiful and awe-inspiring. There are public parks as well as mountain spas and hotels. You can go to camp grounds and sleep out in the wild in alabama and see mountain views and go hiking through acres upon acres of lovely mountain range and forest. If you’re looking for some luxury, you can stay in any number of hotels and spas located in the rustic mountains of Alabama.

Visit the Cherokee County, Alabama area and it’s located in Northeast Alabama to enjoy the Northeast Alabama terrain. There are many fun and enticing water activities to enjoy at Weiss Lake while you enjoy the mountain view all around you! There are also hiking trails at Cherokee Rock Village. Cherokee Rock village is stunning and there are several different hiking trails for those who like to mountain bike, hike, or try to trek to the top of the mountain and conquer the land! This is certainly among Alabama’s most spectacular mountain travel locations.

Next for the Northwestern section of Alabama, there is the activity-rich Lawrence County of Alabama. There is such variety for hiking enthusiasts that there are trails to numerous to even keep track of. You can visit any number of parks and forests to see the naked truth of the forest and enjoy every bit of the mountains in your view. There are parks such as the Oakville Indian Mountains, the Joe wheeler state park and Wheeler dam, and the William B. Bankhead national forest are all brilliant places to visit to enjoy the mountain view. There are also several spas in the area for you to enjoy if you want to slip into some luxury while you are out visiting the mountains.

There is absolutely a breaktaking view that any mountain and waterfall lover needs to see. Located in gadsden off of Alabama Hwy 211 and nestled among beautiful, luscious trees and a scenic river and as well as lovely mountains is this beautiful waterfall. It is called Noccalula Fall and it is an amazing 90 feet high and it’s a view you have to see to believe. It isn’t as famous as some of the world’s waterfalls but that just means there won’t be as many tourists when you go see one of Alabama’s treasures surrounded by lovely mountain views.

So although Alabama isn’t known at all for its mountains, it is clear that there are many areas to go and hike up beautiful mountains and enjoy the forest and wildlife while you are on your journey to the top. From the north of Alabama clear to the South, there are scenic mountain areas for people to enjoy. From rustic state parks to luxurious hotels right on the mountain, you can get your views in many possible ways. One things is for sure, all the views are smashing.