Alabama Golf Vacations: The Best Courses

The rundown on the best golf courses in Alabama
If you like golfing, then Alabama features some of the most pristine and admirable golf courses. From the coastline in Gulf Shores to Mobile to Birmingham, there are lots of nice golf courses. But of course this isn’t about nice. This is about the cream of the crop, the top golf courses in Alabama are only an elite few. These golf vacations will be the best of the best as only Alabama can provide.

The Ross Bridge Golf Resort is located in Birmingham. This is a 72 par 8,191 yard golf course and it’s an 18 hole regulation golf course. The rolling green golf course is kept in immaculate condition. And was designed by Roger Rulewich. It was opened in 2005 and has become one of the premier golf vacation spots in Alabama. It features a luxury hotel area, community center to talk and chat about golf with other avid golfers, and a spa to get those muscles loosened after a long day of golf.

Craft Frams featuring Cotton Creek Golf Course is nestled among beautiful mountains and close to the ocean in Gulf Shores, Alabama. It’s got one of the most breathtaking views imaginable when playing golf. This is an 18 hole golf course designed by golf legend Arnold Palmer. It has immaculate grounds and plenty of amenities to make your golfing vacation amazing. Craft Farms features a choice between the Marriott Courtyard on the golf course and as well as Cypress Point Condominiums.

Nestled among large beautiful trees and some of the greenest grass ever seen on a golf course is the Alpine Bay resort featuring the amazing Alpine Bay Golf Course. This golf course features a 25 tees range and a regulation 18 hole golf course. While on your golfing trip, enjoy the beautiful Alpine Bay resort for your overnight stay with absolutely gorgeous hotel rooms featuring internet access, lush beds, and nice large bathtubs with shower. It also features a wonderful restaurant with quality food for your enjoyment. It is located in the Alpine area of Alabama and close to Childersburg. If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city being nearby, this golf vacation may be your best choice. There is nothing but beautiful scenery and luxury for miles and miles and it is one of the most popular golf courses in Alabama for all of these awesome reasons and the pleasure it brings its golfers..

These golf vacations are among the very best in Alabama and you are guaranteed to have a wonderful time at any of these places. For the true golf connoisseur, we looked at all aspects of what makes a golf course truly a winner. The greens being well maintained, 18 holes of golf to maximize your game, and a nice luxurious hotel for you to plop your shoes off right next door to the lovely green golf course that you will be spending hours and hours at for your fabulous Alabama Golf Vacation.