Month: April 2018

Dealing With Difficult Essay Topic

I want to walk you through the beginning process they write an exegetical paper as you know this class will culminate in a couple of weeks with you writing perhaps your very first ever exegetical paper so want to give you kind of the standard of what that looks like and we have uploaded two documents to our popular class folder that will help you to walk through that one is called a short guide to an exegetical to write an exegetical papers that was actually originally created by the authors of your textbook the vol and haze and then i’ve modified it to be exactly what we want here. You can always find help with your essay at Edusson.

Then we also have a paper that was written an exegetical paper it kind of as a guide perhaps that will help you to see the format and these two kind of parallel each other hopefully for the most part you’ll see that in the work that we’re going to do so let’s get started and walk through these papers if you have opened up the short guide to write next difficult papers it will look somewhat like this and so what I want to do today is just kind of walk through a few aspects of it I trust that you will read it in time the very first thing that your exegetical paper will include is of course the title page it should be a turabian eight title page you are familiar with that hopefully if not please pick up a copy of turabian eight the Chicago Manual style 16 but it’s a shortened form if you will for us is what’s called turabian eight notice that the title of your paper whatever that will be will be on the first line and then an exegesis of Ephesians but for us it’ll be – one through ten and then of course at the bottom in non bold text will be your name the course in the date that’s my birthday October 24th so you can always remember that.

As you’d look back at this assignment anyway on page two which will take up approximately one page you’ll see that you should have a the main idea an outline and if you’ll notice here there’s some instructions about what that should look that should include but here on the next page is kind of a preview of what that would look like for you you would put the text here the Ephesians for you to 1 through 10 and then at a single statement you would summarize the main idea of that passage right here at the very top of the page and then you’re gonna outline the passage as you are beginning to learn right now and the portion of the course of jury in as we dealt with the Ephesians book and we looked at the big outline last week and now you’re looking somewhat at the surrounding context that’s going to help you get to that.

Organizing The Analysis Section

People are just ruled by human nature they need policies and procedures to be controlled right and in this case over here let’s say you’ve got the policy and procedure companies there’s a couple of ethics crises but people make the right choices because I don’t know maybe there’s enforcement means or something like that right and that lends arguments let’s support anyway for policies and procedures you see what I’m saying so you want to actually say that that the way that I’m going to look at these cases is that if I see examples of you know failures in the non policy procedure and successes in the policy and procedure areas then I will know that this is this will end supports my thesis so you see what I’m saying you’re being very explicit about not just assuming that the stories tell the story that you want to but actually showing exactly how that story proves the thing that you say you want to prove okay as explicitly as you can.

so anyway so this analysis section right here organizing the section based on the reasons why the readers should believe your argument you’re using examples from the cases in data to support the reasons why your argument is valid right in this particular case there were was a violation and it was individual ethics and this is how it happened and you include some details and so this clearly is how it links back right so this is one reason at any may you may have several reasons and so your analysis section is a series of that how does your evidence outweigh the most valid arguments on the opposing side right linked back to your live review section where you’re looking at the other arguments the other potential answer it’s just like why why do I win hey this is bad neither that’s really about winning and losing right but you know you just like why is this valid why is this true versus what some of the other alternatives are if not where does that leave your argument there’s still something that you can learn from from your thesis or your approach.

If you don’t just sort of really slam-dunk this I will also say that yeah you want to say what can you prove with your evidence and what can you prove it’s okay say I don’t know more precisely they don’t know there isn’t enough evidence is about what argument like there was a in one of the last orientation classes I taught somebody was writing about leadership and their their original argument was that leadership was not it’s not something that you inherited but something that could be learned and she did a lot of research and basically said look I can’t make heads or tails of this because you know it’s basically so much evidence on both sides that nobody can seem to agree on either and so her argument basically became that you know both sides are wrong and that’s okay.